Embark on an exciting journey with GTS Dash in the field of Speech Data Collection.

We offer a range of opportunities for freelancers to contribute to the development of AI and machine learning technologies through voice. Whether you have a background in linguistics, a flair for accents, or simply a passion for voice recording, GTS Dash is your platform to contribute to diverse speech datasets.

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About Speech Data Collection

Voice Your Skills: Contribute to AI's Learning Curve

GTS specializes in crafting high-quality speech datasets for AI and machine learning applications. Our focus is on capturing a wide array of speech samples in various languages and accents. As a freelancer with GTS Dash, you will play a crucial role in creating datasets that are adaptable and reflective of real-world speech patterns.

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Opportunities for Freelancers

  • Voice Recording: Provide voice samples in different languages or accents.
  • Audio Transcription: Convert speech recordings into written form.
  • Quality Review: Ensure the clarity and precision of audio data.
  • Linguistics Analysis: Offer expertise in specific languages or dialects for targeted projects.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can I start with speech data collection at GTS Dash?

    Sign up on our platform and explore the available speech data collection projects.

    What kind of speech data collection projects are available?

    We offer a variety of projects, from general speech recording to specialized linguistic analysis.

    Are there specific technical requirements for recording?

    Basic recording guidelines will be provided for each project to ensure quality data collection.

    How are payments processed for freelancers?

    Payment details, including rates and schedules, are clearly specified for each project.

    What is the process for submitting collected data?

    Collected data should be uploaded directly through our secure online platform.