Dash Associate at GTS

GTS is a global platform that welcomes individuals with skills in writing, translating, research, transcribing and data annotating. We offer tasks to these skilled individuals, who we refer to as Dash Associates. As a Dash Associate, you operate as an independent freelancer, making use of our digital workspace platform. This role provides the flexibility to work according to your own schedule from any personal computer with an internet connection.
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Defining a Dash Associate

'At GTS, we provide tasks to our registered users, who we identify as Dash Associates. These Dash Associates are independent freelancers who engage with our digital workspace platform. Similar to other platforms, Dash Associates need to register before they can begin their work. We ensure all data is handled confidentially and is used solely for communication, evaluation, and payment.

GTS provides a unique opportunity to earn supplementary income in addition to your regular employment or self-employment. However, it's crucial to understand that the role of a Dash Associate is not intended to replace full-time employment. The availability of projects and the potential monthly income can vary significantly and are not guaranteed.

How are Tasks Assigned?

Dash Associates have the freedom to select from a variety of available projects, choosing the tasks they wish to undertake. The availability of tasks may vary among associates based on factors such as qualification assessments, previous work evaluations, education, language proficiency, and interests. Depending on your overall profile and qualifications, you may be offered certain projects while being excluded from others. You will be compensated for each task that is accepted and completed, with the amount being predetermined and disclosed beforehand.

The Perks of Being a Dash Associate

At GTS, tasks are designed to be smaller and can be completed independently. We refer to these as microtasks, offering you maximum flexibility. As a Dash Associate, you have the freedom to decide when, where, and how much you work.

Who is Eligible to Become a Dash Associate?

If you can access this website via a standard web browser, you've met the technical requirements. Additionally, you must be legally permitted to work in your place of residence.

How to Get Started - No Formal Qualifications Required

The journey to becoming a Dash Associate is straightforward and accessible, even for beginners. Our initiation and training processes ensure that you gain the necessary skills to navigate the workspace interface. All workflows are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Many tasks do not require any special or formal qualifications, making it possible for almost anyone to participate.